Mike Patton Score to “1922” Has A Release Date

Last year Netflix released the movie 1922 with an original score composed and performed by Mike Patton. The score now has a release date.

On October the 20th 2017 Netflix released the movie 1922, based on a Stephen King Novella. Mike Patton was the artist responsible for providing the score for the film.

When the film was released we learned that the soundtrack would be released in 2018. We now have confirmed on a number of music stores the release date of the album will be the 20th of July 2018, you can pre-order now on Amazon UK (and will update when it’s available on Amazon US).

The album will be 41:17 and will be released on Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.

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Mike Patton - 1922

Mike Patton provides the film score to the film “1922”.

Tracklisting for 1922 – Mike Patton

  1. No Grave For Mama
  2. Mea Culpa
  3. Sweetheart Bandits
  4. Death of a Marriage
  5. Murder Is Work
  6. Omaha 1930
  7. Farewell Note
  8. Thick As Thieves
  9. Cornfield – (Vertical)
  10. Mea Culpa 2
  11. Elphis
  12. Magnolia Hotel
  13. We’ll Send Her To Heaven?
  14. I’d Come To Hate Her
  15. Cornfield – (Horizontal)
  16. Secrets Only A Dead Woman Could Know
  17. Dead Woman’s Secrets
  18. Problem Wife
  19. The Deed Is Done
  20. The Conniving Man
  21. Sweetheart Bandits 2:”We All Get Caught

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