5huffle Podcast on Mike Patton

The team over at the 5huffle podcast have put together a podcast that spends an entire episode looking at Mike Patton. Have a listen here.

Have a listen at 5huffle’s podcast. Here’s their blurb on the podcast:

In #5huffle’s Mike Patton 5pecial our faithful heroes, Dominic and Jarid, decide to start an acapella Faith No More cover band, Jarid says the word “reflence” and refers to John Cage’s “4’33” as “2’33”, and they both do REALLY bad Mike Patton impersonations. Oh, and they talk about Mike Patton a lot.

Warning – At times the podcast sounds a little like they’re reading straight from Wikipedia, however the most interesting sections are when they talk through their opinions (there’s also a few errors, but we’re not going to get picky with someone exploring Mike Patton!!)

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