Album of the Year – Faith No More (1997)

Album art for Album of the Year - Faith No More

Album of the Year – Faith No More

Album of the Year by Faith No More definitely manages to make an impact on the musical world. The album was released in the UK and in Europe on the 3rd of June in 1997. It is also the first album which was recorded with the current guitarist of the band – Jon Hudson. Interestingly enough, it’s also the last album of the group to be released with Slash Records.

Up until 2015, this was their last album.

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Album of the Year Artwork

The artwork for the album is definitely catchy. The photograph which is on the front cover of the Album of the Year by Faith No More manages to depict the first president of Czechoslovakia. The man is also regarded as the founding father of the country.

The jacket of the album, on the other hand, depicts a funeral held for an old man with the words “truth prevails” engraved in the coffin. Of course, that’s labelled in Czechoslovakian language. The art which was covered on the album reflected with the overall style of the band.

All of the members of the group actually wore suits throughout their tour which supported the album. This particular trend managed to be carried on during the 2009 reunion tour.

Interestingly enough, the album sleeve didn’t actually have any lyrics, but Mike Patton and Billy Gould submitted them to (which was a fan website until the reformation of the band in 2009).

Album of the Year Releases

The Album of the Year is the second album in the discography of the band which is was re-released by On Vinyl – a Dutch Music Label. The first one was Angel Dust.

In 2016 the album got released in a rather stylish deluxe edition with two different discs and the second one has eight additional bonus tracks.

Interesting enough, the initial pressings of the Dutch, UK and Australian versions of this particular album also included a bonus remix disc, which is definitely unconventional. The album managed to go Gold in sales level as it managed to sell a bit more than 100,000 copies. Even though the UK wasn’t a failure, per say, the US was definitely a disappointment as the sales there were significantly less. In any case, the Album of the Year album managed to sell a little over one million copies on a worldwide scale.

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