Angel Dust – Faith No More (1992)

Album art for Angel Dust - Faith No More

Angel Dust – Faith No More

It was only after one and a half years after the successful release of The Real Thing that Faith No More sat down to write the Angel Dust album. The album was largely written by Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum and Mike Bordin. Much of 1991 was spent writing the ablum, whilst Mike Patton was working with Mr. Bungle.

Vocalist Mike Patton drew inspiration for writing songs from fortune cookies, Scientology’s ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’ and late-night television. “Caffeine” and “Land of Sunshine” were written while he was experimenting with sleep deprivation. He once mentioned that he drove to a dangerous area in town just to watch people and spent most of his time in coffee shops in searching for inspiration to write the songs in Angel Dust.

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Title of Angel Dust

Controversy also rocked the band when they were deciding on the album title. Roddy had decided to name the album Angel Dust, however, the band’s guitarist Jim Martin was in opposition. In an interview during one of their recording sessions, Jim mentioned:

Roddy [Bottum] wanted to name it Angel Dust, I don’t know why, I just want you to know that if it’s named Angel Dust, it didn’t have anything to do with me.

Recording Angel Dust

Matt Wallace was in charge of producing the album. He was also in charge of the previous studio recordings for the band. Coast Recorders is where the songs in the album were recorded. They were initially going to record 17 songs only; however, they ended up recording 19 songs.

Angel Dust Reception

In the year 1992, Faith No More’s Angel Dust received the tribute of “Album of the Year” ranking top in Music Express Sounds, a German publication. In the United Kingdom, the same year, Vox publication also recognised the works of Faith No More on Angel Dust, as it was ranked 10th on the album of the year. 10 years ago, Metal Hammer, a United Kingdom publication acknowledged Angel Dust in their list of “The 200 Greatest Albums of the 90s.”

Angel Dust Credits

We must acknowledge the people behind the hit album Angel Dust. John Barry, Mike Bordin (Drummer) and Roddy Bottum (Keyboards) were in charge of composing. David Bryson was the lead engineer, and assisting him was Gibbs Chapman, GraigDoubet and Adam Munoz. John Golden was behind mastering. Bill Gould played the Bass guitar, while Jim Martin played the Guitar. The man behind vocals was Mike Patton. Faith No More’s photographer was Mark Burnstein.

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