Dead Cross to be Supported by Anthony Pateras (tētēma) in Munich

It’s just been announced that Mike Patton collaborator Anthony Pateras will be supporting Dead Cross in Munich on the June 13th, 2018.

Anthony Pateras and Mike Patton released their tētēma project’s album Geocidal back in 2014.  Their most recent work together was their performance in Tasmania Australia, as part of the MOFO Arts festival in early 2017. Pateras will be performing with Jérôme Noetinger, who is also a currently a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Anthony Pateras and Jérôme Noetinger

Anthony Pateras and Jérôme Noetinger

Zeus! will also be supporting Dead Cross at the same concert at Backstage Werk in Munich.

Here’s an extract of what Pateras and Noetinger are currently working on:

The French composer and improviser Jérôme Noetinger is responsible for creating an virtuosic instrumental language with the most unlikely of resources: the Revox B77 tape machine, released by the Germany company Studer in 1978. Performing with the machine since the late 1980s, he is one of the pioneers of modern musique concréte, providing sound for the legendary expanded cinema group Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, as well as in a trio with audio-visual theorist/composer Michel Chion and composer/writer Lionel Marchetti. Solitude fellow Anthony Pateras has been performing with Noetinger for over a decade, in improvised combinations on piano and electronics, as well as in the quintet Thymolphthalein, which was commissioned upon invitation from SWR2 Baden-Baden for the New Jazz Meeting of 2009.

For their collaboration at Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Guibal-Saal, the duo will record multiple layers of piano onto three Revox tape machines. Working in the space three days prior, they will create an immersive environment of haunting piano textures, accumulating a harmonic tapestry to perform over on the final evening in an extended quadraphonic concert/installation. Loosely inspired by Walter Marchetti’s landmark 1980 piece Natura Morta, simple piano lines will accumulate and decay into nothingness, a sombre vigil for the death of sound.

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