Are Dead Cross Up To Something? Touring? New Album?

Earlier today Dead Cross dropped a cryptic image on Twitter.  We wonder what it could mean? European and International Touring?

Dead Cross have finished their North American Tour and we haven’t heard much from them about what happens next.

Then, today the Dead Cross dropped the tweet and photo of a drum-kit and two pedal boards, along with the cryptic text of “Creating Panic”.

Is this a rehearsal setup, or a recording setup….?

We’re unsure exactly what it means. Maybe they’re recording a new album, or maybe they’re preparing for a worldwide tour. In a recent interview with Rocky Flats, Justin Pearson confirmed that they’re loosely working on some new songs (as well as having some others prepared prior to the tour) and that they’re in discussions for a tour, Dead Cross are just not sure where and when.

Download Festival France Includes Dead Cross

The line-up for Download Festival Paris has just been released and we now know that Dead Cross will be performing on the 17th of June.  The UK line-up for Download Festival only has 3 artists listed at the moment. Both Ozzy Osbourne and Guns N’ Roses are appearing at both the UK and Paris festivals, so we can only hope that Dead Cross will also be announced at the UK festival. Additionally, as discussed below Dave Lombardo is performing with Suicidal Tendencies at the Melbourne, Australia Download Festival in March 2018, let’s hope that Dead Cross is included in that billing too.

Download Festival Paris 2018 Lineup

Download Festival Paris 2018 Lineup


Who’s Doing What at the Moment?

Dave Lombardo had some shows with Suicidal Tendencies back in September and has a show in Japan in the next few days.  However, his only other commitment is a couple of Misfits shows in December followed by a long gap until another Suicidal Tendencies show in Australia in late March 2018.  The Suicidal Tendencies show in Australia is under a heading of “World Tour 2018”, so we’re expecting there’ll be other shows as part of this tour.

Just Pearson was last seen in Portland working on a Planet B LP with PANICKER.  He has a show with Mike Crain and Retox in mid-December, and that’s all we can see for these two bandmates.

Mike Patton has nothing on the public scheduled except for a show with The Dillinger Escape Plan in late December, and there’s still the extended score for the film ‘1922’ that is due for release in 2018, however, we don’t know how much more work is required on that before it’s released.

What do you think their tweet means?  A new album, or touring? Or are they just trolling us?


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