Billy Gould in List of Criminally Underrated Bassists

Bass Players are probably second only to drummers when it comes to being the butt of the music worlds jokes. Ulitmate Guitar is reversing this trend and recently created a list of  Criminally Underrated Bassists.

We’re super-excited to see that the Ultimate Guitar have recognised Billy Gould’s bass playing skills on their list. Here’s what Ultimate Guitar had to say:

Billy Gould

Billy Gould

Faith No More’s bassist Billy Gould is the embodiment of the musician who can do it all while never forgetting the role of the bass as a supportive rhythm instrument. From the glam-funk of “Falling to Pieces,” to the deep grooves of “Evidence,” and the gospel bounce of “Just a Man,” Billy Gould always drops lines and licks that just stick in your brain whether they’re in pick or finger-style, heavy or light.

You can read the full list here.

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