Chuck Mosley Touring, and Recording with Matt Wallace [Rel-Act]

Chuck Mosley (ex Faith No More) is touring North America at the moment, with dozens of shows booked.  He’s also announced he’s recording with Matt Wallace.

Last year after performing  Chuck Mosley took his touring to Europe.  This year he’s touring the United States, and boy is he touring.  Looking at the below image that Chuck put up on his Facebook page, you can see that he’s got 40 dates all lined up.  Get out and see him if he hits a city near you.

Also of interest is a little something he dropped on his same post.  Chuck said:

BTW, we’re recording a new EP later this month in typical chuck mosley break neck, no safety net fashion, so stay tuned for details as we proceed…with MATT ‘freakin” WALLACE!

So he’s got a new EP on the way, as well as the new Primitive Race album that’s being released in November. Matt Wallace has worked with Mosley on We Care A Lot (1985) and Introduce Yourself (1987) Wallace also worked with Faith No More on The Real Thing (1989)Angel Dust (1992), and Sol Invictus (2015).

Chuck Mosley Reintroduce Yourself 2017 Tour Dates

Chuck Mosley Reintroduce Yourself 2017 Tour Dates


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