Church of the Motherfuckers – Dead Cross [Official Video]

Dead Cross has released a music video for another track from their debut album, ‘Church of the Motherfuckers’.

Dead Cross’ debut self-titled album has been out for a few months now, and we’ve had two music videos so far – ‘Seizure and Desist‘ and ‘Obedience School‘. The video was released on the 21st of November 2017.

The video for ‘Church of the Motherfuckers’ was directed by Michael Panduro / Siegfried Productions.

The video begins with a Friedrich Nietzsche quote that states “The influence of a man has never yet grown great without his blind pupils” before launching into a black and white scene of children pushing two priests around in in a basement before they begin to fight each other. The video also contains the portrayal of Catholic rituals that are likely to make the video controversial.

The video pays homage to their earlier video for ‘Obedience School‘, which was removed from YouTube video for the violent imagery of Cock Fighting, by including cock standing in the background whilst the two bloodied priests fight.

To put the video in context Justin Pearson included the following quote in the press release for the video:

We are not capable of understanding aspects of molecular genetics, let alone the universe, I’d rather not fill in the blanks with outlandish oppressive morals, offensive social politics, and patriarchal garbage. In the year 2017 AD some humans still think there is a god.

The video has been added to our Mike Patton Official Video Playlist.

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Watch ‘Church of the Motherfuckers’ by Dead Cross

Warning: This video may be offensive to some Catholic viewers.

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