Sonarworks True-Fi Edition of Cone of Shame Released Today

After a little delay, today is the day that Faith No More and Sonarworks release their True-Fi version of Cone of Shame.

Cone of Shame album art for Faith No More(SonarWorks True-Fi Version

After teasing us for a few weeks now Faith No More and Sonarworks have released their special digital edition of Cone of Shame, from Sol Invictus (2015).

You’ll need to have one of the 75 sets of headphones to really take advantage of this.  Head over to to sign-up and listen to Cone of Shame today.

Here’s how they describe what happens:

Imagine you’re with the band in studio. You hear all the instruments as the band intended. Now you’re back home and, sadly, your headphones color the sound – some instruments sound louder, others are turned way down. True-fi restores this balance and everything sounds just like it should.

The graph in the demo shows where your headphones distort the tone of your music. True-Fi irons out the tonal response and delivers the band’s intent untouched by your headphones.

And here’s a video of also explaining how True-Fi works.

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