Courtney Love’s Time In Faith No More in List 10 of Iconic Rockers Who Got Kicked Out Of Bands [Rel-Act]

Tone Deaf has a list of iconic rockers who were kicked out of bands.  Courtney Love’s time in Faith No More appears in the list.

You may or may not be aware that Courtney Love, the founder of Hole and wife of Kurt Cobain, was once the singer for Faith No More.  It was 1982, before Chuck Mosley had joined and, fortunately or unfortunately, they didn’t release any material with her as singer.

Here’s what Tone Deaf had to say:

Courtney Love is famous for a number things, most notably for being the leader of alternative rock group Hole, for being famously married to Kurt Cobain, and for having a relatively poor film career. Her career in Hole is just as well-known as her relationship with Cobain, but many fans aren’t aware of the bands that she played with prior to Hole. See, in 1982 Love was just your regular music fan, and after going to see an early performance of Faith No More, she convinced the group to let her become the lead singer.

While we don’t know what her career trajectory would’ve been like in Hole, we do know that she recorded a few tracks with the group before being kicked out, since they needed more ‘male energy’ within the group, whatever that really means. A few years later, and after playing within a number of different bands, Love formed Hole. After releasing their first record in 1991, the group were put on the back-burner while Love married Cobain, only to release their next album, the landmark Live Through This, a week after Cobain’s death.

You can read the full list here.

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