Dave Mustaine Listened to Faith No More Daily To Get Him Going

In a recent interview, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) revealed that the listened to Faith No More daily to get him ready for the day.  Find out what he listened to.

The Real Thing - Deluxe Edition Album Cover

The Real Thing – Deluxe Edition Album Cover

Dave Mustaine (formerly of Metallica and founder of Megadeth) was recently interviewed by Full Metal Jackie.  Megadeath had won their first Grammy award for Dystopia (more on the below) earlier in the year and Mustaine was asked about his changing musical preferences and becoming a more refined player.  The response was surprising when he mentioned that Faith No More was his go-to song to get him up and going in the morning.  This could have been the period when Mustaine had disbanded Megadeath due to compressed radial nerve injuries to his left arm.

Here’s what Mustaine had to say:

I don’t know that I’m a refined player. I think maybe my musical tastes are refined, but I still consider myself to be pretty rough around the edges with my playing. You know, I like stuff that excites me, that makes me feel alive.

I remember for the longest time when the band had kind of gone on hiatus — this was maybe 10, 15 years ago — and the only way that I could get up in the morning was to listen to, you know, really stimulating music and that song “From Out of Nowhere” by Faith No More was pretty much my go-to song every morning. I would put that in the player, and it was like Groundhog Day. As soon as the thing would start, I’d be up and at ’em, you know, so you don’t ever really know what the song is that’s gonna inspire you.

‘From Out of Nowhere’ appeared as the opening track on Mike Patton’s debut album with Faith No More, The Real Thing (1989).

You can listen to the Full Metal Jackie interview here:

Watch From Out of Nowhere – Faith No More

Watch the House Band play Metallica after Megadeth Wins a Grammy

For those of you not familiar, there was a long-running feud between Megadeth and Metallica that started when Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica in 1983.

When they won their Grammy, the house band played Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ instead of a song by Megadeath. Mustaine had a good sense of humour about it saying:

Here’s Megadeath winning a Grammy for Dystopia and Dave Mustaine’s acceptance speech.

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