Dave Lombardo Talks about Dead Cross Album Release and Touring, Plus More

Dave Lombardo was recently interviewed by Full Metal Jackie on her Whiplash show for 95.5 KLOS where he spoke about the release of Dead Cross’ debut album and touring.

Recently Full Metal Jackie interviewed Dave Lombardo.  During the interview, Lombardo talked about the Dead Cross album, it’s release date and touring the album.

Full Metal Jackie

Full Metal Jackie

Here’s what he had to say about the album recording process and touring:

Full Metal Jackie (FMJ): We were talking earlier about your new record with Dead Cross, where you’ve got Mike Patton singing. I was lucky enough to get to hear a song or two off the air, Dave tell us what it’s like working with Mike Patton?

Dave Lombardo (DL): Well we haven’t really worked together except through emails, [laughs]. What we did was, we had all the music recorded; we recorded it early last year and then of course the opportunity came up to look for a new singer. We really didn’t have to work together, we just sent Patton the music and he recorded everything himself. But there was a lot of emails going back and forth between us, a lot of communication.

FMJ: That’s really exciting. Is there going to be touring with that band?

DL: Yes. I am very excited. I didn’t know that that was going to happen. We didn’t know if we were going to do any touring or if it was just an album that we put out but no, Mike is into it. He’s really excited.

Here’s what he had to say about the album release and touring:

FMJ: You’ve got this Dead Cross record that’s coming. Tell us about a timeline with your upcoming projects.

DL: I’m touring with Suicidal throughout the summer and then I hope to release the Dead Cross album. We’ll have a date very soon. It’s gonna be maybe some time between July and September and then possibly some shows with Dead Cross late, very late summer into fall. That’s pretty much it and some sporadic tours here and there. Sparse, different areas for the rest of the year. We’re gonna be working loose, Dead Cross will be working close with Suicidal in working out schedules so there won’t be any conflicts.

So there we have it, we have to wait until July-September for Dead Cross and then later for a tour.

Beyond talking about Dead Cross here’s what Lombardo has learned from Mike Patton and John Zorn:

DL: For example, like Zorn and Patton, I can consider them some of my biggest inspirations in being who I am, is those guys because they taught me that there [are] no limitations. When I first met Patton and Zorn, they taught me that, “Hey, there’s no boundaries here.” It’s like, “Wow.” I’ve always felt that but I never had an outlet and they gave me that outlet.”

And finally, Lombardo talked about his recent residency on Late Night with Seth Myers and how working with Mike Patton helped with cues:

DL: The most challenging part of being on that show were the cues. That’s why you saw me, if you saw the show, I was wearing my glasses because from a distance — I’m nearsighted. I can’t see. So I had to wear my glasses and I had to watch the stage manager to give me the cues. 5,4,3,2,1 and at the drop of his finger I had to close out the song. I had to cue the band.
Whenever a guest would walk out, let’s say Seth Meyers — he’ll introduce the guest, they’ll walk out so applause, applause, applause and they’re walking. And when they walk up onto the stage and sit down, I have to cue the outro as they’re sitting down because it has to end.

So everything is on cue. I’m familiar with cues because I’ve worked with Patton.  Patton and I, we worked a lot with cues. He would cue me at some points with the Fantomas music that we had to perform. Also, working with John Zorn. So cues were familiar. It was easy and it was a lot of fun. I would probably do something like that later in life when maybe touring isn’t what I enjoy

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