Breaking News: Dead Cross Debut Album Release Date Announced

Today on the Peer Pleasure podcast the release date of the Debut Dead Cross Album was dropped.  Find out more about the release here.

Just over a week after Dave Lombardo said that the debut Dead Cross album would be released between July and September this year, we now a specific date. On the Peer Pleasure podcast Justin Pearson discussed many things including when Mike Patton’s latest project to be involved with, Dead Cross will release their debut album. The 4th of August 2017 was given as the release date.

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The album will feature Mike Patton on vocals, Dave Lombardo on drums, Mike Crain on Guitar, and Justin Pearson on Bass.

We’ve been following the release since Trey Spruance let slip that he’d heard a pretty strong rumour that Mike was in a Hardcore band back in September 2016.  We then went on our own hunt for which band it could be and predicted that Dead Cross was the band that he’d joined to provide vocals.

The album will be released on Patton’s Ipecac Recordings along with Justin Pearson’s Three One G label, and have the ID of IPC-193.

Peer Pleasure Podcast with Justin Pearson


Dead Cross Self-titled Debut Album

Dead Cross Self-titled Debut Album

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You can listen to the full interview on the Peer Pleasure podcast.

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