Disco Volante – Mr. Bungle (1995)

Album art for Mr Bungle's Disco Volante

Disco Volante – Mr Bungle

Disco Volante is the second studio album released by Mr. Bungle. The album is interesting, to say the very least because it boasts a significant range of different styles from doom metal to easy listening and Arabic music. The majority of the songs feature wordless vocals, or they are solely instrumental.

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Disco Volante Title

The title of the album is a clear reference to a yacht which bears the same name and is featured in Thunderball – a James Bond movie. It literally translates to Flying Saucer from the Italian language. The band had previously performed a cover of the theme song of the aforementioned movie. It was featured on a demo issued by Warner Bros.

Departures from Mr. Bungle

The Disco Volante was the final album of Mr. Bungle’s founding member Theo Lengyel. He left shortly after the release because they supposedly have certain artistic differences. Current band member Danny Heifetz would go on to comment that the band definitely misses him, but he had managed to bring a tremendous chemical imbalance which did help the band on the road, but the shift in musical preferences made Theo hate the band.

The Sounds of Disco Volante

The album manages to combine certain classic jazz appeals like bombastic saxophones which appear throughout the song and combine them with doom metal elements, making something absolutely out of the box and definitely rather unheard of.

The truth is that this whole album is a tremendously out-of-the-ordinary blend of different genres that it’s absolutely impossible to characterise it properly. Some of the songs have catchy jazz tunes while others go hardcore doom metal with weird saxophones on the background.

Regardless, however, of this fact, the Disco Volante is somehow particularly appealing, if you are into rather strange music. There is undoubtedly a tremendous amount of musical value in the songs and in the whole album, and it’s definitely one which deserves appreciation, but the truth is that it’s just so weird, it’s charming.

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