Duane Denison Confirms the Long Suspected 5th Tomahawk Album

Tomahawk - Untitled 5th AlbumDuane Denison has confirmed that the 5th Tomahawk is being worked on in a recent interview.  Now, all we need is a date in 2018!

During a recent interview with The Hype Magazine, Duane Denison and David Yow spoke about their recent reunion as The Jesus Lizard. Darren Paltrowitz also covered what the future entailed for both of them. Up until now, we’ve only had hints that there would be a 5th Tomahawk album from discussions with Mike Patton, and a few photos shared online featuring Denison with both John Stanier and Trevor Dunn.

Here’s what Denison had to say:

Darren Paltrowitz: Upcoming reunion tour aside, what is coming up for you work-wise?

David Yow: Some acting, a lot of photo-retouching.

Duane Dennison: Well, I have a group called Tomahawk that’s working on its fifth album, and I’ve been writing new material for what may be a solo album as well. We’ll see.

We’re tracking any details we have about the 5th Tomahawk album in 2018 on our Interactive Mike Patton Discography.

You can read the full interview with Duane Denison and David Yow here.

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