Dub Trio 2018 Shows + New Album in 2018 [Rel-Act]

Dub Trio have announced their first American gig in 3 years.  They’ll be playing at Electric Forest festival in June 2018 over two weekends.

Dub Trio are well known for their collaboration on “Not Alone” with Mike Patton on their 2006 album The New Heavy“We’re Not Alone” on the debut Peeping Tom album, as well as being the touring band for Peeping Tom.

Dub Trio toured Europe last summer, however, they haven’t played in America in over 3 years.  Now they’re back, they’ll be playing Electic Forest over two weekends in  June 2018 at Rothbury, Michigan.

In their social media posts announcing Electic Forest, with little fanfare, they also snuck in the #NewAlbum2018 hashtag.  So it looks like we’ll have a new Dub Trio album this year too. This has been a long time coming as their previous album IV was released 7 years ago back in 2011.

Stu Brooks, the bassist for Dub Trio has been quite busy and you’re likely to see him perform as part of the GRiZ Live Band at Electric forest too. Brooks put together the live band for GRiZ and this is what he recently had to say about it:

Last year I put a dream band together for GRiZ. He is a DJ and badass electronic music producer. His brand of EDM is super deep funk and soul mixed with dubstep and crazy heavy bass and massive drums. Elements of swing, jazz and gospel poke through as well. He puts on an amazing show on his own, DJing and playing sax, but he wanted to do a live band version of his show as well.

So as musical director I put together a dream 14-piece funk band and recreated, rearranged the GRiZ tunes so it could be presented live. GRiZ, or Grant, wanted to have total differentiation from his usual set and not use any backing tracks or loops involved with the live band and keep it totally “organic”.

Here’s a sneak of what you can expect from the GRiZ live band.

Electric Forest 2018 - Weekend 1 Lineup feat. Dub Trio

Electric Forest 2018 – Weekend 1 Lineup

Electric Forest 2018 - Weekend 2 Lineup feat. Dub Trio

Electric Forest 2018 – Weekend 2 Lineup

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