New Dub Trio Song (feat. King Buzzo) and Album [Rel-Act]

Dub Trio have just announced the release date of their new album ‘The Shape of Dub to Come’, a tour, and dropped a new song featuring King Buzzo.

Dub Trio has been quiet the last few years, however, we now know that the 26th of April 2019 will see the release of their latest album ‘The Shape of Dub to Come’ and an East Coast tour to support the album beginning in May.

Dub Trio – Shape of Dub to Come

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Not to be outdone with an album and tour release, they’ve also dropped their first track from the album titled ‘World of Inconvenience’ that features Buzz Osborne of Fantomas and the Melvins. Stu Brooks commented:

We are an instrumental band. We’ve only ever had one guest on our albums, Mike Patton. World Of Inconvenience‘ was going to live on the album as an instrumental but the sludge metal riff was screaming for Buzz.

So as a last minute add, we reached out to him. He took the instrumental to his studio in L.A. and we gave him total creative freedom. The lyrics are like a puzzle or a code that can’t be cracked in just one listen.

Dub Trio 2019 Tour

Watch World of Inconvenience by Dub Trio (feat. King Buzzo)

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