Faith No More in list of Best Comeback Albums Of The 21st Century (So Far)

Faith No More has found themselves in another list, this time for ‘Best Comeback Albums of the 21st Century’.

Prefixmag has assembled a list of records that brought their respective artists back with a bang in the 21st century, with the criteria being a gap of ten years or more between releases.

Sol Invictus was a long-time coming for the ardent Faith No More fan – after their break-up, there was no guarantee that they’d ever get back together, let alone create new music. So, we’re happy to see that after an 18 year gap Faith No More’s Sol Invictus comes in 2nd place of best comeback albums of the 21st century

Album art for Sol Invictus - Faith No More

Sol Invictus – Faith No More

Here’s what Prefix mag had to say:

Releasing new material 18 years after your last album is bold. Luckily, for genre-fusion masters Faith No More, they’ve been doing things their way since the start of their unique history. So it was in 2015 when the group decided to boggle the listener’s mind once again with one of their best LP’s to date – the transcendent cracker Sol Invictus. The whole album isn’t going to please everyone – which is more down to the fact that the band style hop so often – but even the most stubborn music fan would have to take their hat off to songs like the middle-eastern inspired barnburner “Superhero,” the eerie, claustrophobic nail-biter “Separation Anxiety,” and the tension-ratcheting epic “Matador.” Sol Invictus finds Faith No More at their inventive best.

You can see the other albums here.


Completely unrelated, this list reminds me of the Parks and Recreation Comeback joke.

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