Faith No More in List of 10 Albums that Began Nu-Metal

Alright, we’re all sick of Faith No More being called out as the beginning of Nu-Metal. But Loudwire has included them twice in their list. Yes, that’s Twice!

The Real Thing - Deluxe Edition Album Cover

The Real Thing – Deluxe Edition Album Cover

The beginnings of Nu-Metal is still contentious, and there is still a lot of angst whenever this subject is raised. My take on the debate is there’s a difference between a band who others emulated, almost to a parody, and those who they were emulating – that is except for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you can scorn them all you want…… Chuck Mosley, on the other hand, takes complete ownership of the originator of “Rap Rock” and is happy to share the banner with Mike Patton.

Here’s what Loudwire has to say about Faith No More’s The Real Thing (1989): 

San Francisco’s Faith No More were even harder to pin down when they snuck onto the scene with creatively schizophrenic efforts like 1985’s ‘We Care a Lot,’ ‘87’s ‘Introduce Yourself’ and ‘89’s ‘The Real Thing,’ the latter of which introduced new frontman Mike Patton to the fold. The album’s unprecedented thrash-and-synths formula was an instant sensation with metal heads, but it was Patton’s abstract raps on the album’s second single, “Epic,” that became a massive hit, and provided another building block for Nu-Metal.

And the second Faith No More entry comes from their collaboration on ‘Another Body Murdered’ with the Boo-Yaa TRIBE on the Judgment Night soundtrack:

‘Judgment Night,’ the movie, was a modest success in its day, but its soundtrack has proven far more important in the long run, because it erased any lingering doubts about the feasibility of melding rap and heavy metal. An absolute game changer, it compiled a series of one-of-a-kind collaborations between some of the early ‘90s’ top head-bangers and rhyme-spinners – e.g. Slayer and Ice-T, Helmet and House of Pain, Living Colour and Run DMC … Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill? As a result, the soundtrack effectively opened the floodgates for Nu-Metal’s imminent arrival.

Other albums that make the list include:

You can read the whole list here.

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