Faith No More in List of Lyrics You Probably Won’t Understand if You’re Under 30 [Rel-Act]

In July last year the BBC created a list of songs that wouldn’t be understood if you were under 30 years of age.  Faith No More made the list for their big-hit We Care A Lot.

We Care A Lot has many different versions including versions from Faith No More’s We Care A Lot, Introduce Yourself, and Live at the Brixton Academy (with Mike Patton) albums, a We Fuck A Lot version, a Chuck Mosley version with VUA, and finally a new remix from last year’s 2016 Deluxe Band Edition of We Care A Lot.You can listen to

You can read the lyrics and listen to all the versions for We Care A Lot here.

Here’s what the BBC had to say about We Care A Lot:

Before Mike Patton helped lead Bay Area rockers Faith No More to international success in the 90s, they were fronted by adenoidal loafer Chuck Mosley, and their 1987 track We Care a Lot – about celebs’ hollow concern for a range of worthy causes – was their first stone-cold classic. Throughout We Care a Lot, FNM claim to care about everything from disasters, fires, floods to killer bees, the late Rock Hudson, the army, navy, airforce and marines, and “smack and crack and wack” also.

On top of that, they express a high regard for the Garbage Pail Kids, a series of trading cards that peaked in popularity in schoolyards during the mid-80s. The live action film of the same name picked up three Razzie nominations on its release in 1987, and is reputedly one of the worst movies ever made. Parents were so horrified by the film that they petitioned for it to be withdrawn from circulation. It worked, and it was taken out of cinemas, grossing $1,500.

You can find the other songs from the list here.


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