Faith No More in Top 10 Metal Performances on British TV

Metal Injection have compiled a list of their Top 10 Metal performances on British TV.  Faith No More have been included in their list for a performance of Ashes to Ashes in December 1997.

Here’s what Metal Injection had to say:

Probably the most fearless promoter of heavy metal, the now defunct TFI Friday had a unique brand of zany humor, great guests and even better musical acts. So when Faith No More strolled into town, their booking on the show was a no brainer.

Performing the riff-heavy stonker “Ashes to Ashes”, the band go all out in the most hair-raising way possible. Of course, eccentric frontman Mike Patton provides the goods in the form of his trademark vocal range – one that refuses to falter for the duration of the song despite his crazed on-stage spasming. Seriously, note for note, Faith No More knock this one out of the park.

After a breathtaking performance, presenter Chris Evans proclaims them as the “the loudest band ever on the show.” And really, what metal band would turn down that accolade?

In light of Mike Patton’s recent performance of Lookaway with Max and Igor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura), keep an eye out for the 1994 Sepultura performance of Refuse/Resist when you read the full list.

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