Fantômas – Fantômas (1999)

Album art for the self-titled album Fantômas

Fantômas – Fantômas

Fantômas released their self-titled album in the spring of 1999. The band’s diversity in terms of members from different bands can be clearly heard in this album. The album is considered a great album that experimented with innovation, and like many Mike Patton projects, pushing the borders as far as genres of music is concerned. As such, many people loved it while others were unable to make heads or tails of what it is all about.

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Recording Fantômas

Mike Patton started writing the album after Faith No More broke up. Through his own way of creating projects, he wrote the songs of the album and then put together a recording of himself playing all the instruments. He would later use these recordings to illustrate the idea of what he actually wanted to create as he was recruiting members for his new band.

In his mind, he was looking for the right talent to help him bring out exactly what he had conceived in his mind. Each bit of the album had to be executed to perfection according to his vision. When he was sure he had all the talent he needed, they went to the studio and recorded the album.

The tracks on the album are not titled (and missing a 13th track). Furthermore, none of the songs has any discernable lyrics. The album was designed to be a soundtrack to a comic book.

Fantômas Album Art

The Fantomas self-titled album came with album artwork inspired by the Fantomas comic book. Zuccatosa and John Yates were involved in putting together the album artwork as it appears.

Fantômas Credits

Mike Patton was involved in writing all the songs on the album, vocals, and production. Dave Lombardo was the drummer; Buzz Osborne the guitarist and Trevor Dunn, the bass guitarist. Billy Anderson and Gummo were involved in engineering; Different Fur and Adam Munoz were involved in mixing while George Horn did the mastering.

Fantômas’ Reception

This album pushes the genre’s limits. It introduces listeners to new frontiers. The music fans who understood the mixture of instruments, grunts, and roars without any lyrics find it mind blowing, whilst others didn’t know what to make of the album.

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