Interview with Edge of Twilight Game Developers

Mike Patton’s vocal work for a computer game has been locked away since 2008.  Here’s an interview with the Edge of Twilight game developers, just prior to its release!

Image for Edge of Twilight video gameI reached out to the team at JDJC and Fuzzyeyes PR to find out more about Mike Patton’s involvement with the upcoming Edge of Twilight video game.  They obliged with an email interview about the game, Mike Patton’s involvement with Edge of Twilight and

Let the interview begin.

Can you explain what the Edge of Twilight video game is?  and what is Steampunk?

Edge of Twilight takes place in the fictional world of Hellayem, a vast plateau above an endless plane of clouds, during a time when night and day exist as two separate but parallel realms. Lex, the main character, is summoned by the Empress Galina to enter the Twilight realm in the hope of bringing the Day and Night together.

Steampunk is an artistic style and sub-genre of SciFi. It is inspired by the 19th century industry revolution and often heavily influenced by the culture that emerged in the United Kingdom and the British Empire during the Victorian era. The idea is design technology with the look of that of the 19th century but with more modern uses. For example, imagine a steam-powered machine that creates ice. It would take up a whole room yet only freeze two or three ice cubes per use. The room would contain a large amount of pipes, complicated gears and an abundance of steam. Complicated industrial machinery performing simple tasks is one of the core design foundations of a Steampunk art style. At the same time, Steampunk is an expression of that which you can find anywhere in daily life. From automobiles to furniture; from music to Hollywood blockbusters; and most commonly, from animation to comics. We took the most important value of Steampunk and injected dark fantasy elements to create the unique Edge of Twilight world.

This seems to have been a long-running project, can you explain what’s been happening?

The development of Edge of Twilight has a long history. We invited Mike Patton to act as key characters after we heard his amazing voice in “I am Legend”. However, as an Indie developer unfunded by major video game publishers (most games cost tens of millions of dollars), bringing Patton aboard was challenging. We had to deal with all kinds of other challenges, as well, before being able to release this product. Mike’s voice has been locked away in Edge of Twilight for almost 10 years. Now, it finally gets its release.

Mike Patton is listed on the vocal cast as both Lithern and Creatures, can you explain what each of these are in the game?

Lithern is a majestic race, with a lifestyle based on nature. The other race, the Athern, believe in technology and military power. One type of creature in the game, the “tainted Lithern,” is sent to kill the main character. These tainted Lithern have been tortured to death by the Athern. Mike really brought the screams of these horrified souls alive . Mike’s voice is inhuman!

It seems you’ve also chosen a number of Australian’s for the rest of the vocal cast, can you explain the choice behind this?

Fuzzyeyes was originally founded in Brisbane, Australia. We are from a land with large amount of remarkable animals: Platypuses, koalas, wombats, and redback spiders. These spiders, by the way, eat even mice. Our designs have been inspired by all these creatures down under. Most games in the market use the American accent; Edge of Twilight is going to be the first game with an Aussie accent.

Who made the decision to choose Mike Patton as part of the vocal cast? And why was he chosen?

Who else can do what Mike can do?

When did the recording sessions for Mike’s roles take place? Were these recorded by Mick Gordon?

Yes, we were working with Mick Gordon. Our designer, Travis, worked with Mick Gordon in LA, back in 2008.

Are there any Mike Patton fans who worked on Edge of Twilight?

Of course.

If so, What’s their favorite piece of work by him?

Everyone has his own favorite piece. But it should be no surprise that everyone loves “Epic.” But I’m an “Easy” fan myself. In the end, I love what Mike said in the Billboard interview. His comments completely represent our team’s true feelings about Edge of Twilight: “All I can tell you is we’re making good shit. I don’t care who listens.”

Edge of Twilight will be released in Sept. 2016. You can find more about the game at the Steam Store.

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