Listen to Kaada “Everything Is An Illusion” [Rel-Act]

It’s getting very close to Kaada releasing his next album Closing Statements.  We have another beautiful song to listen to, based on the last words of Mata Hari.

With Kaada’s Closing Statements just under two weeks to release, we’re pleased that we get to hear another of the songs, “Everything is an Illusion” from the album.

Here’s what Kaada had to say about “Everything is an Illusion”

It is a composition where I tried to create an illusion of birdwings flying across the piano. The theme of the album is about humans last moments and their final breaths. When I recorded the piano, I tried to play as lightly as possible, like feathers, like a spirit flying. “The title ‘Everything Is An Illusion’ is taken from the final words of Mata Hari. When facing the firing squad in 1917, the 41 year old woman blew her executioners a kiss. ‘Death is nothing, nor life either, for that matter. To die, to sleep, to pass into nothingness, what does it matter? Everything is an illusion.’

Listen to “Everything Is An Illusion” by Kaada

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