Listen to Kaada’s latest song “Home In The Dark” [Rel-Act]

Kaada’s new album is almost upon us, and it looks like we’ve got time to hear one last track before it’s release.  Listen to “Home In The Dark” now.

Kaada’s new album Closing Statements will be released in late May 2018. We’ve been lucky enough to hear a number of other tracks including: “Farewell” and “It Must Have Been the Coffee“.

Describing “Home In the Dark”, Kaada had this to say:

Turn up the lights; I don’t want to go home in the dark,” said the American writer O. Henry before his passing in 1910. That’s where the title “Home in the Dark” is from. The feeling I get from the song is that there’s a spirit or ghost flying at escalating high speed over a desert landscape. I chose to have it as the last song on the album ’cause I thought it was cool to end it all with a takeoff.

Listen to “Home In The Dark” by Kaada

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