Kaada releases new song “It Must Have Been The Coffee” [Rel-Act]

John Kaada has just released another new track from his upcoming album. Listen to “It Must Have Been the Coffee” now.

John Kaada

John Kaada

On Twitter Kaada announced his new album saying:

I’m making an album about memorable last words. What can last words reveal about life, death and consciousness? The words people choose before death is fascinating to read, Sometimes there is humour, wiseness, sadness, and occasionally, chills.

You can listen to another of the songs, “It must have been the Coffee”, now.  The one thing we’re trying to work out is who and why someone said: “It must have been the coffee” as their last words.

The upcoming album will be Kaada’s first release since working with Mike Patton on Kaada/Patton’s Bacteria Cult (2016).

You can also listen to “Still Point” and “How can this be good for us“.

Listen to Kaada “It Must Have Been the Coffee”

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