The following sites are also worth checking out:

Faith No More Gig Database

As the name suggests a database of all the Faith No More gigs.  The database contains information on the location, setlist, support act(s), and much, much, more.

If you’ve ever been to a Faith No More gig please check this database out and send them an email with any information that they might be missing.

Faith No More Discography

This site provides a listing of all the different albums that have been released by Faith No More.  For each album, there’s information about each countries release, the track listings, and images of the

Likewise, if you have any Faith No More LPs, CDs, or Cassettes check out this site and see if you can add to their database.

Ad for Patton Subreddit

Check out the Mike Patton subreddit on reddit for a collection of the latest news, videos, interviews and information about (you guessed it) Mike Patton.

This site has a great list of Mike Patton performances, and also a very comprehensive discography of Mike Patton and all his projects.