Listen to Mike Patton on Henry Rollins’ Radio Show

Mike Patton appeared as a guest on Henry Rollins’ radio show.  Listen to it now.

On Sunday the 7th of August 2017 Mike Patton took some time out of rehearsing for the upcoming Dead Cross Tour and appeared on Henry Rollins’ radio show on KCRW.  The show features Rollins and Patton talking about a number of topics and playing a wide range of eclectic music as chosen by Patton.

Mike Patton and Henry Rollins

Mike Patton and Henry Rollins

Amongst other things, they talk about Patton joining Dead Cross, Paton’s approach to new projects,  Ipecac Recordings, Rollin’s favorite memory of Patton, Patton’s love of soundtracks and a whole bunch of background information on the selected tracks.

Mike Patton and Henry Rollins

Mike Patton and Henry Rollins

Listen to the show on the KCRW website (if you have troubles with listening to it on KCRW site, try the podcast on

Tracklist for the Henry Rollins Show

First Hour

  1. The Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
  2. Tom Jones – Thunderball
  3. Young Fathers – Rain or Shine
  4. Quincy Jones – Rack ‘Em Up
  5. Terveet Kadet – Brutaali
  6. Dead Cross – Seizure and Desist
  7. Jacques Brel – La chanson de Jacky
  8. Tom Dissevelt – Whirling (Sonik R-Entry)
  9. White Noise – Love Without Sound
  10. Charlie Parr – Cropduster
  11. Messer Chups – Tremolo From the Crypt
  12. João Gilberto – Astronauta (Samba Da Pergunta)

Second Hour

  1. Funkadelic – I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody’s Got A Thing
  2. Die Kreuzen – All White
  3. Adriano Celentano – Ventiquattromila Baci
  4. Conlon Nancarrow – #49c
  5. Dion McGregor – Food Roulette
  6. Basil Kirchin – Primitive London 1
  7. Chet Baker – The Thrill Is Gone
  8. Nino Rota – Pin Penin
  9. The Cosmic Rays w/Le Sun Ra & Arkestra

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