Listen to the new Dead Cross Single “Grave Slave”

Dead Cross have released a sneak peak of one of their new songs titled “Grave Slave”. Listen to it here.

As part of a Rolling Stone interview about the upcoming Dead Cross album (to be released on the 4th of August), Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton have given fans a listen to another of their tracks from their debut album.

Dead Cross - Mike Patton, Mike Crain, Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson

Dead Cross – Mike Patton, Mike Crain, Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson

Coming in just under 2 minutes the song is hardcore, with a Mike Patton twist. In the song, Patton sings about a ‘pistolero’ and then described his choice about the word as:

This could be about a gunslinger or drug dealer at the border – a cartel. The other guys in the band come from Southern California, and I’ve spent a lot of time in San Diego, so pistoleros are a part of our lives. It’s a huge point of contention with our new president, so I thought it was a cool topic.

Lombardo describes the song as:

S&M for your ears. Patton’s vocal range and intensity are on full blast throughout this entire album. This song is a two-minute example of what it’s like to travel through the depths of his brain while JP, Crain and myself commandeer the vehicle. It’s jarring, aggressive and unsettling. We’re coming at you hardcore, but leaving you with a kiss.

Pearson said the following about the song:

As the song states, we can blow out the candles on the urinal cake, a track like this only makes complete sense in this climate… absurdity, pigs, neo-fascist authoritarianism… the American dream is alive and well. Well, when the suits and white hoods screw the planet, you get this slab.

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Read more about what Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo had to say about their new album.

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