Max Cavalera’s extended recollection of recording Lookaway with Mike Patton

Album cover to Sepultura's Roots that includes the song Lookaway featuring Mike PattonIn September 2016 Max and Igor Cavalera discussed recording their song Lookaway with Mike Patton, during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  Here’s an extended version (remix even) of Max’s memories.

AllMusic interviewed Max Cavalera back in 2013 and also included a question about recording the song Lookaway.  ‘Lookaway’ had Mike Patton perform alongside Sepultura, Jonathan Davis (KoRn) who wrote and performed the lyrics, and DJ Lethal (House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) who played the turntable.  Here’s the interesting question:

What do you remember about recording “Lookaway” from Roots with Jonathan Davis of Korn and Mike Patton from Faith No More?

It was great! Mike Patton was on the song, and Jonathan’s a huge Faith No More fan. He was actually freaking out that Patton was there. He was really nervous, which was actually kind of funny. He kept chewing on his hair the whole time he was in the studio. Ross Robinson teased him at one point and told him to calm down [Laughs].

“Lookaway” came out of a jam. It’s a really heavy riff. Patton started singing this Indian chant, and it gave me goosebumps in the studio when he did that. It was so intense.

He showed up in the studio with a Samsonite briefcase. I was like, “Mike, what’s up with the briefcase?” He said, “It’s what I need to record”. It had an echo pedal inside for his voice and a bottle of wine. He opened the wine and we drank it.

At one point, the three of us were on the floor of the studio going crazy and making weird noises and sounds! Jonathan took it to another level. He’s singing about people with a fear of pussy, which is a crazy concept. It came out as a really cool, obscure song on Roots.

You can read the entire interview here.

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