Mike Patton 2017 – Year in Review

Welcome to the Patton Fanatic Review of 2017. Let’s have a look back what Mike Patton has done in the last year, as well as a short look into the future.

Wow, it’s hard to believe that another year has passed.  We hope you’ve all had a great 2017 and are looking forward to the year ahead in 2018. The year has not been quiet, with so much activity going on in the world of Mike Patton and his ever-increasing sphere of influence. As you enter 2018, let’s look back and consider all that Mike Patton has done.

What Happened with Patton Fanatic in 2017?

Patton Fanatic LogoWe’re fast approaching our 2nd anniversary of launching Patton Fanatic.  When we first launched I had no idea how fast the site would snowball into what we have today. We have such an incredible community of fans – so to begin with a big THANK YOU to all of you reading this and who have been part of the journey through 2017.

We appreciate all your feedback, your likes, your comments, and your involvement.  You all keep the site interesting and keep us going!

We recently expanded our Social Media presence to include Instagram.  Here’s a quick review of where we sit at the end of 2017. Please follow/subscribe to any of the other platforms that you mightn’t already be part of:

Top 5 Posts for 2017

So here are the favorite posts from 2017 on Patton Fanatic. For obvious reasons, the new Dead Cross album features in 2 out of the 5 slots.

1- Mike Patton Discography

We continued to add to our interactive Mike Patton Discography, adding 2017 albums and collaborations, as well as continuing to add past and future projects.  We also released an updated discography infographic that now includes additional John Zorn, Mr. Bungle Demos, and 2017 albums.

2 – The First Dead Cross Song “Shillelagh” is Here

Dead Cross release their first song Shillelagh

In March, on Saint Patrick’s Day for a very short period of time, Dead Cross teased us all with a limited release of their debut single “Shillelagh”. Unfortunately, the song was only available online for a few days. It was enough to get a lot of us hooked, and it perfectly built the anticipation for their debut album to be released later in the year.

3 – Mike Patton has Two New Projects

Mike Patton Has Two New Projects

As part of the press circuit for the debut self-titled Dead Cross album, Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine. They spoke about all things Dead Cross, and Patton also spoke about his upcoming projects.  At the time two new projects were mentioned.  Firstly a soundtrack to the movie 1922, a film based on a Stephen King novella, to be released on Netflix. Secondly, Patton revealed that he was working on an Orchestral Ballad album with Jean-Claude Vannier.

4 – Dead Cross Release Date

Back in March 2017, Justin Pearson was on the Peer Pleasure Podcast talking about his musical career, as well the upcoming Dead Cross album. Until that point, we didn’t know the exact release date, and due to a bit of a slip up by Pearson, we now had the official release date of the 4th of August 2017. This wasn’t Pearson’s first slip up – during an earlier interview he almost gave away Mike Patton’s involvement with Dead Cross which led to our investigation into the potential for Mike Patton to be the new Dead Cross singer.

5 – RIP Chuck Mosley

RIP Chuck Mosley Dead at 57

It’s been a year of incredible loss in the music industry – most significantly for us in the Faith No More / Mike Patton community was the passing of Chuck Mosley.  In a year of a continued solo tour, and joining Primitive Race we were incredibly sad to hear the news of his passing, which hit us right in the feelings.  We’re super proud of the community and the support that they offered to help his family send Chuck off respectfully.

Mike Patton Projects – 2017

In 2016, this section was titled “Mike Patton 2016 – Albums”, sadly 2017 only had a one full-length album release, the Dead Cross self-titled debut album. So, we’ve decided to rename this section and include all the releases from his other projects and bands from 2017 in this section.

Dead Cross – Dead Cross

Dead Cross Self-titled Debut Album

Dead Cross Self-titled Debut Album

On the 14th of March, the mastering of their first album was confirmed as completed at Golden Mastering, California. The album was shown to be an eponymous, self-titled, release and had an Ipecac Recordings ID of IPC-193. The album is to be released on CD, Vinyl and as a Digital download.

Buy CD Buy Digital Buy Vinyl

Similar to Mike Patton’s experience with The Real Thing when he joined Faith No More, the music for the album was already complete,  Gabe Serbian’s tracks had been removed, and he had to add his lyrics and vocals.

Dead Cross’ debut album was released on the 4th of August, 2017 and came in at 28 minutes long.

Their debut album gave us three more Music Videos to Mike Patton’s catalogue, including, “Seizure and Desist”, “Obedience School”, and “Church of the Motherfuckers”. All videos are controversial in their own way.

Watch Dead Cross’ “Seizure and Desist”

Watch Dead Cross’ “Obedience School”

Watch Dead Cross’ “Church of the Motherfuckers”

Faith No More – Cone of Shame (Sonar Works Release)

Cone of Shame album art for Faith No More(SonarWorks True-Fi Version

Back in February 2017, there was a lot of noise going into a special release of “Cone of Shame” from Faith No More’s Sol Invictus (2015).  Faith No More had worked with Sonar Works, a sound engineering company that aims to reproduce the sounds of the recording studio for all listeners.

Nevermen Mr. Mistake 7″ Picture Disc

Nevermen - Mr. Mistake 7" picture disc

Nevermen – Mr. Mistake 7″ picture disc

Just when we thought we wouldn’t hear anything more from the Nevermen project a special picture disc is released.  The 7″ picture disc of “Mr. Mistake” includes the Boards of Canada remix on one side and the instrumental version of the same remix on the other.

Mike Patton – Crank: High Voltage Vinyl Release 

Crank Vinyl - Yellow and Black version

Crank Vinyl – Yellow and Black version

Mike Patton’s soundtrack to Crank: High Voltage got a special vinyl release in 2017.  Until previously the album was only available on CD or as a digital download.  The Vinyl includes liner notes by Mike Patton.

Mike Patton Performances – 2017

January – tētēma – MoFo festival

This year saw a lot more of Mike Patton on stage when compared with 2016. We began 2016 with the worldwide debut performance for tētēma in Hobart Australia, at the MoFo festival.

March – Lookaway with Max and Igor Cavalera

In March, Mike Patton took to the stage to perform a collaboration with Max and Igor Cavalera’s “Lookaway” from Roots (1996).

June – Tool Mini-Festival

Fantômas performed for the first time in many years on June the 24th 201y, playing The Directors’ Cut f2001) from start to finish. The show was part of a mini-festival that the band Tool organised, and included Dale Crover on drums as Dave Lombardo was busy with other commitments.

August & September – Dead Cross North American Tour

Whilst touring with Dead Cross Mike Patton managed to injure himself.  Luckily for the fans, it was a minor skateboarding accident and Patton was able to continue touring after postponing a single show. Also whilst on tour, members of Dead Cross were detained by Police in Texas. Dead Cross was joined by Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3 as their support act for most of the tour. Here’s a video of their very first show with Mike Patton at the helm.

December – The Dillinger Escape Plan Final Shows

The Dillinger Escape Plan called it quits in 2017, then commenced on an international farewell tour that included a very serious bus crash.  The final set of shows was in New York City, at Terminal 5 between the 27th and 29th of December.  On the night of the 27th, Mike Patton joined the band to perform the Irony is a Dead Scene (2002) EP in its entirety.

Mike Patton Collaborations – 2017

Mike Patton and Alain Johannes – “How Sad, How Lovely”

Released on John Zorn’s Tzadik records on the 17th of November is Vanity of Vanities – A Tribute to Connie Converse includes a song with Mike Patton. He appears alongside Alain Johannes who plays guitar on a song titled ‘How Sad, How Lovely’.

Mike Patton Videos, Games, and Movies – 2017

Mike Patton – Soundtrack to 1922

Netflix released 1922 in October 2017 with Mike Patton providing the soundtrack. The film is based on a Stephen King novella about a farmer who murders his wife with his son and has to deal with the haunting results of his actions. If you haven’t watched it, here’s the trailer.

Hisokana Pianisuto’s Interview, and Mike Patton Covers

Earlier in 2017, we were privileged to interview Hisokana Pianisuto on his Piano Covers of many Mike Patton songs.  Here’s a cover of Mr. Bungle’s “Retrovertigo” (and as pointed out to us on multiple occasions, it’s much better than Avenged Sevenfold’s attempted cover of the same song that left many “Mr. Bungle purists Pissed“).

Listen to Faith No More’s “Epic”, broken down instrument by instrument

Over on 95.5 KLOS in early January they had an episode of The Session, where they took the audience through a Faith No More’s “Epic”, from The Real Thing (1989), instrument by instrument. Have a listen to it below.

Official Music Video For Kaada/Patton’s “Red Rainbow”

In March, Kaada/Patton released the official music video for “Red Rainbow” from Bacteria Cult (2016).  The video is based on the short animation “The Absence of Eddy Table” and was later nominated in the Best Animation in a Music Video in the 2017 Music Video Awards, but unfortunately didn’t win.

Mondo Cane songs in SyFy TV Show HAPPY!

Song’s from Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane album were included in the first episode of HAPPY!, a tv show adapted from a graphic novel of the same name. The show’s co-creator Brian Taylor was behind the movies Crank and Crank: High Voltage, the later of which Mike Patton provided the soundtrack. Watch the trailer below.

Mike Patton Lists, Lists, and More Lists – 2017

As we said in 2016, websites love to make “Top 10 Lists” of this and “Top Lists” of that.  Here’s a quick summary of all the different lists that Mike Patton and friends have been part of this year.

What’s Ahead for Mike Patton in 2018?

Dead Cross Internation Dates and New Material in 2018

Hell and Heaven Festival 2018

We only know a little about what’s happening in 2018.  Firstly we know that Dead Cross is embarking on some International dates including Hell and Heaven MexicoDownload Festival France, Hellfest France, and Nova Rock Austria. We’re hoping that there will be a number of other European and other international dates announced as 2018 progresses.

We also know that as part of their earlier tour they were working on new Dead Cross Songs, so we can only speculate that they’ll turn into more tracks on a new album.

Tomahawk’s 5th Album in 2018

Late in 2017 Duane Denison had an interview with The Hype Magazine where he confirmed that the fifth Tomahawk album is in progress and being worked on.  There were also photos of Duane Denison and John Stanier, as well as Denison and Trevor Dunn.

When we posted this on Instagram, saying we just need a date Trevor Dunn replied with “Yeah, i need a date, too.”.  So the album looks like it’s getting closer, we hope that they’ll also tour when the album is released.

Mike Patton’s Orchestral Ballads with  Jean-Claude Vannier in 2018

Mike Patton revealed that he was working on an Orchestral Ballad album with Jean-Claude Vannier. Describing the album as “Very, very lush,” Patton says  he’s “doing a lot of crooning in different languages, and the instrumentation is all over the map.” And when asked if the album will it contain Gainsbourg’s signature sexy lyrics “There are plenty of those, don’t worry,” Patton said. “They just don’t sound so sexy in English.”

Faith No More in 2018

Image of the band Faith No More

Faith No More

Finally, we’re not 100% what’s happening with Faith No More in 2018.  When Patton was asked about the future Faith No More he described Faith No More as an “open-ended book,” so “if something happens, you’re pleasantly surprised”. On top of that, there was apparently a huge number of Faith No More songs that Billy Gould took into the Sol Invictus (2015) sessions that could be used for another album.

Thanks again for being part Patton Fanatic.  We all hope you have a great 2018.

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