Mike Patton and Dead Cross to be on PBR Halftime Show

Apparently, there’s some sort of sports event happening this weekend.  Mike Patton and Dead Cross will be on a halftime show.

Update: You can watch the show here.

All joking aside, I had no idea what the PBR halftime show was for, so I’m under the impression that it’s an alternative Superbowl half-time show-  That’s the grand-final for the National Football League (NFL, where National = The United States of America.). The Pabst PBR Halftime Show edition of Sean in the Wild! will be taken over by Mike Patton as the special guest.  Dead Cross will also be closing out the show.

PBR Halftime Show promo shot with Dead Cross

PBR Halftime Show promo shot with Dead Cross

You should be able to listen to the whole thing on Pabst Blue Ribbon website on February the fourth, 2018.

Here’s the hint that PBR had showing on their facebook page.  Looks like they’ve got Mike Patton labeled 100% correctly.

Both performers of the PBR Halftime Show built their careers by Pushing Boundaries, Cutting their own paths and by Not letting genres or cultural stereotypes limit their creativity. These artists embody our brand purpose and inspire others to follow their dreams even if those dreams don’t fall perfectly into the status quo… these artists are non conformists. Pabst Blue Ribbon’s purpose from any platform is to amplify the harmony of non-conformity.


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