Mike Patton twice in list of Greatest Collaboration Albums

Ulitmate-guitar.com has released another of their weekly questions.  This week their topic is the Top 25 Collaboration Albums, and in typical fashion, Mike Patton shows up twice.

Each week Ultimate-guitar.com has a Wednesday Question.  This week they asked, “What’s the greatest collaboration album of all time?”.

In addition, there were two specific clauses required to meet their definition of a collaboration album:

(1) The albums should be released under the name of “Artist 1 &/with Artist 2” on the cover – so two or more separate artists.

(2) The albums should NOT be a collaborative project with the new unique name, such as a new supergroup.

The question received over 350 comments, and we’re proud to see that Mike Patton was on the list twice.

Mike Patton wasn’t the only artist to appear more than once. He was joined by John Frusciante, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Coltrane, and Stan Getz.

Mike has shown up in a few of these lists in the past including:

So, what does ultimate-guitar.com have to say about Mike Patton’s Collaboration Albums?

In 19th Place – Kaada / Patton Romances

Romances - Kaada/Patton

Romances – Kaada/Patton

If you ever feel like talking a walk on the wild side, check out any of Mike Patton’s musical projects. For this week, you folks singled out the man’s 2004 collaboration with  Norwegian singer-songwriter Kaada called Romances (2004). It’s an avant-garde effort heavily inspired by some of the all-time giants of classical music.

In 4th place – The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton – Irony is a Dead Scene

Irony is a Dead Scene - The Dillinger Escape Plan

Irony is a Dead Scene – The Dillinger Escape Plan

After original Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Dimitri Minakakis left the band and before Greg Puciato joined the fold, the boys briefly collaborated with Mike Patton. The result – Irony Is a Dead Scene.

Finally, you can read the entire list here.

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