Mike Patton Injured in Unknown Accident

Tonight’s Dead Cross show in Los Angeles has been canceled after Mike Patton was injured in an unknown accident.

UPDATE: Mike Patton is OK, his injuries came from a skateboarding accident on the way to the show.  Dead Cross will be performing tonight.

After Secret Chiefs 3 completed their set Mike Crain and Dave Lombardo took to the stage.  They announced that whilst the injuries “weren’t grave” that Patton wouldn’t be able to make it and the show would be rescheduled for another date.

We hope that his is well and that he has a speedy recovery.

Update: Ipecac Recordings have confirmed on Instagram that the Injuries are not “Life-Threatening” and Patton is resting.

People getting ready for @dead_cross_official !! Going to be a great show! Special guest….hmmm?

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More information as it comes to hand.

Watch Dead Cross announce Mike Patton is injured

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