Mike Patton in List of Most Innovative Musicians Today

Ultimate Guitar are bowing at the altar of Mike Patton yet again! This time he’s included in a list of Most Innovative Musicians of Today.

You may be familiar with Ultimate Guitar’s weekly survey. If not, to quickly recap, each week they have a survey they open up to their massive audience covering a specific topic.

Mike Patton - Angelica 28 Courtesy Car
Mike Patton – Angelica 28 Courtesy Car

This weeks they discussed the matter of the most innovative musicians of today. We’re happy as always to see that Mike Patton was recognised. In this survey he landed 8th position.

Here’s what Ultimate Guitar had to say about Mike Patton:

There was just no way for Mike Patton not to appear on this list since we all know how much our UG community loves him and his unique style of music. There’s a lot of variety in his work, from the stuff he did with Faith No More, all the way to experimental projects like Fantômas. And, of course, Mr. Bungle holds a special place in all of our hearts.

See who else was in the list here.

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