Mike Patton in List of Rock Musicians Turned Actor

Mike Patton is at it again, landing himself in a list of rock musicians turned actors.

Whilst Mike Patton is known predominantly for his musical talent, he also has a talent for acting. If he’s not in front of the camera he can also be found in the sound studio providing vocals for characters, such as his recent vocals for the lead character in the short film, The Absence of Eddy Tables.  He’s also provided voices to the monsters in I Am Legend, and provided soundtracks to a number of films.  Mike Patton is certainly not a one-trick-pony.

Here’s what Ultimate Guitar had to say when they placed him in 29th position:

Mike Patton, one of the most hard-working men in the world of music, known as a singer for Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and many more bands and projects. And he involved in the world of movies too, writing soundtracks for different films (from “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” to “Crank: High Voltage“), doing voicings for some movies too – and Mike also has one of the main roles in the 2005 film “Firecracker.”

This list also includes short-term Faith No More singer Courtney Love in 13th place, and Mike Patton collaborator Bjork in 5th place.

You can read the full article here.

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