Mike Patton is OK – Injuries From Skateboard Accident

Mike Patton is OK.  His injuries that prevented him from performing last night were from a skateboarding accident.

Skateboard Deck with a Skeleton

Could this be the Deck that Mike Patton was riding?

How is Punk Rock this? An almost 50-year-old Mike Patton wiped out on a skateboard ride to the show, leading to the show being canceled. His injuries didn’t come from a car accident, as some early reports suggested.

We’re hoping that the only real injury is a bruised ego. We’re looking forward to his banter with the audience tonight – share with us what he has to say for himself.

We’re assured that he’s OK and that the Los Angeles Dead Cross show from last night is now rescheduled for tonight at the same venue.  The original performance that was to see Dead Cross perform with The Melvins will not be occurring.

Here’s what Dead Cross’ PR team had to say:

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