Mike Patton to Perform at Sacrum Profanum in Poland

Mike Patton will be performing at the Sacrum Profanum festival in Kraków, in October later this year.

Mike Patton will be performing at a music festival in Poland in October 2016. Sacrum Profanum will be occurring from the 1st to the 8th of October, 2016 in Kraków, Poland. At the moment it looks like he’ll be performing with Evyind Kang, and the Ictus Ensemble.   With Evyind Kang he’ll be performing Virginal Co-Ordinates, which was released on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings in 2004.  Eyvind Kang has also been a member of Secret Chiefs 3 and performed on Mr. Bungle’s California (1999).  With the Ictus Ensemble he’ll be performing Luciano Berio’s Laborintus II, which was also released as an album on Ipecac Recordings in 2015.

Virginal Co Ordinates - Eyvind Kang

Virginal Co Ordinates – Eyvind Kang

Also of note at the festival is a John Zorn concert, that will include a number of compositions, including: Carny (1991) / Kol Nidre (1996) / Necronomicon (2003) / .˙. (fay çe que vouldras) (2005) / Pandora’s Box (2013).

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Mike Patton and works of John Zorn – the musical avant-garde comes to the Sacrum Profanum Festival!

Great minds think alike. Outstanding musicians will always find each other and come together to create wonderful things, which set new directions in art. The paths of Mike Patton and John Zorn which had crossed repeatedly in the past, will cross yet again at this year’s Sacrum Profanum. The two stars of the musical avant-garde will light up the October sky over Krakow. Mike Patton will perform in person, and John Zorn will be represented by his music. And all this during the three great concerts at the Sacrum Profanum 2016!

Here are the confirmed concerts that he’ll be performing:

  • Friday, October 7th, 2016 – Virginal Co Ordinates, ICE Kraków Congress Centre: Auditorium Hall at 20:00
  • Saturday, October 8th, 2016 – Labirynt, ICE Kraków Congress Centre: Auditorium Hall at 20:00

At the moment it doesn’t appear that Mike Patton will be performing at the John Zorn concert, however here are the details:

  • Wednesday, October 5th, 2016  – Zorn in Concert, ICE Kraków Congress Centre: Theatre Hall at 20:00

If you’re in Europe or can get to Poland in October, I highly suggest you do.

You can read more about the festival here.

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