Mike Patton to Perform “Forgotten Songs” In Italy

Just when we thought that Dead Cross would be all that we see this year, Mike Patton has been announced at joint Italian festivals in May 2018.

Mike Patton will be performing “Forgotten Songs” with pianist and composer Uri Caine at two shows presented by combined efforts of the AngelicA and l’Altro Suono (The Other Sound) festivals.

Edit: We now know what “Forgotten Songs” Patton and Caine will be performing, there’s a list of 34 songs to be performed over the two nights.

The performances will be in Bologna, Italy at the Teatro Comunale di Modena on the 25th and 26th of May. The concert will be made up of both traditional songs as well as their own original songs.

Like Patton Caine seems to always be recording, having released over 30 albums to date. Also like Patton, he’s worked with John Zorn on multiple occasions.

Jazz Pianist and Composer, Uri Caine

Jazz Pianist and Composer, Uri Caine

This won’t be Patton’s first performance at AngelicA.  He began performing there in 1997 with the House of Discipline, he collaborated with Eyvind Kang’s 2000 performance that was released by Ipecac Recordings as Virginal Coordinates (2003), as well as the infamous Mondo Cane in 2007.

Post for AngelicA festival 2018

Post for AngelicA festival 2018

You can find more about booking tickets at Viva Ticket.

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