Mike Patton in List of Top 5 Replacement Singers

Revolver’s latest user poll was on their favorite replacement singers, with Mike Patton landing himself a podium finish.

We frequently see polls that seek to rank the best replacement band members or singers in rock bands.  Mike Patton normally shows up in the list, and it’s always nice to see how and why Mike Patton was included in the list. Here’s what Revolver had to say:

Mike Patton was just a college student when Faith No More approached him in 1988 replace original singer Chuck Mosley, intrigued by the demos the musician had released with his freak-metal band Mr. Bungle. His razor-throated raps and otherworldly range took the budding group’s carnival-esque fury to ferocious new heights — and ushered in their widespread commercial success — with 1989’s breakthrough LP The Real Thing (1989). Ultimately, Patton’s greatest contribution to Faith No More wasn’t his technique, but rather his insatiable creative drive, which guaranteed that no two records sounded exactly the same — after all, there’s nothing like a side project (or several) to keep the creative juices fresh.

And here’s the other singers who he joined in the list.

  1. Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden
  2. Brian Johnson, AC/DC
  3. Mike Patton, Faith No More
  4. Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath
  5. Phil Anselmo, Pantera

You can read the full article here.

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