Mr. Bungle and Mike Patton in list of “Most Diverse Artists”

Ultimate Guitar have included both Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle in their recent list of Most Diverse Artists.

As we’re used to seeing Ultimate Guitar’s Wednesday question leads to some interesting results for Mike Patton.  In late June the Wednesday question was about the “Most Diverse Artists Ever”.

Mik Patton managed to land himself in the list twice.  Firstly, for his role in the diverse output of Mr. Bungle, and then secondly for everything else he’s done.

Mr. Bungle comes in 16th place, and they had the following to say about them:

16. Mr. Bungle

One of the most craziest yet genial bands, Mr. Bungle influenced so many followers with their unique and still organic mix of a billion genres: alternative rock, funk metal, ska, thrash metal, avant-garde, jazz, surf, noise, pop and many, many others.

Mike Patton was awarded 3rd place (behind David Bowie and Frank Zappa) with Ultimate Guitar saying the following of Patton:

3. Mike Patton

Mike Patton can be included into this list only for his contributions to Mr. Bungle and Faith No More alone, but his crazy musical genious goes even further: Mike recorded a lot of solo albums, soundtracks and collaboration in so many, always polarizing, music genres: avant-garde, experimental rock, hardcore, Italo pop and traditional pop, grindcore, funk, jazz, noise, hip-hop, metal, classical music, ambient and many, many others. And his unique vocal range deserves a separate mention.

You can read the full list here.

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