Nevermen Release “Mr. Mistake” 7″ Picture Disc

Nevermen have released a new 7″ Picture Disc for their single of “Mr. Mistake”, featuring Boards of Canada remixes.

Though we haven’t heard much from Nevermen recently, it appears that they are still contemplating how to get more of their music out to the fans.

Earlier in July Lex Records announced that a 7″ picture disc for Nevermen’s “Mr. Mistake” was being released.  The disc features the Boards of Canada remix on one side and the instrumental version of the same remix on the other.

Nevermen - Mr. Mistake 7" picture disc

Nevermen – Mr. Mistake 7″ picture disc

You can order the disc online here.

The Patton Fanatic Interactive Discography has also been updated to include this release.

Listen to the Boards of Canada Remix of “Mr. Mistake”

Listen to the Boards of Cananda Instrumental Remix of “Mr. Mistake”



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