Nevermen in the Top 20 Best Record Sleeves of 2016

Album Art for Nevermen's self titled debut album

Album Art for Nevermen’s self-titled debut album

The Nevermen vinyl for their self-titled debut album has been included in the 20 Best Record Sleeves of 2016.  Find out more here.

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The debut self-titled Nevermen Vinyl Album, released earlier this year and featuring Mike Patton, Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), and Adam “Doseone” Drucker (Anticon/cLOUDDEAD), has been included in the Top 20 Best Record Sleeves over on The Vinyl Factory.  In a year that included etched holograms, fantastic boxsets, handpainted vinyls,  and the David Bowie final album that keeps on giving, Keith Tyson earned 11th place for the Nevermen album.

Here’s what The Vinyl Factory had to say:

Nevermen call themselves a “leaderless trio”, jamming in the nether regions of rock, rap and soul they released a self-effacing, self-titled debut on Lex records earlier this year. Given the task of creating a visual identity to this fluid process, the trio enlisted visual artist Keith Tyson, winner of the 2002 Turner Prize in what was one of its most controversial years, for the sleeve design.

Laid out by Optigram, the studio responsible for iconic sleeve work with Hyperdub, Warp and Ninja Tune among others, the triple gate-fold is housed in a perspex sleeve, emblazoned with a triumvirate of symbols that bind the band together. Inside, Tyson captures that coalescence of ideas and influences in a mixed-media explosion of anarchic collage, hyper-real, post-pop art painting and dystopian print work, each 12″ panel a canvas for a separate piece created exclusively for the project.

You can read about the other albums that made the list here.

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