Nevermen’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit

Back at the end of January the whole Nevermen crew hopped online and did an Ask Me Anything ( AMA) on Reddit to promote the new Nevermen Album.

If you’re not familiar with an AMA, it’s a post where a person (or group of people) are online for a period of time and answer any questions that sent their way.

The Nevermen responses are from the NevermenOfficial user and Mike Patton’s response are normally prefixed with an “M-“.

Here’s one of his responses when asked for advice for an up and coming indie artist:

M – making a living as an Indie artist? ouch, thats the hardest question to answer. there is not a way to do that. if you are fortunate and things go your way, it happens. like playing the lottery. belive in what you do. put in the work. sadly, a lot of the most talented artists in the world will never be discovered and some of the least talented will become famous.

You can find the AMA here –


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