New Faith No More Book is Out

A new book titled “Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More” that tells definitive biography of Faith No More is here.  Find out more about the book and it’s author Adrian Harte here.

Fellow fanatic Adrian Harte, who runs the FNM2.0 website, has been slaving away on a biography of Faith No More for a few years now.  The release of the book has happened, and during pre-orders, was a hit in the Top 10 lists on sites like Amazon all over the world.  Let’s dive a little more into what we know about Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More.

Cover design for Small Victories by Adrian Harte

Cover design for Small Victories by Adrian Harte

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Firstly who is Adrian Harte?

Author Adrian Harte is the editor of the popular Faith No More 2.0 website and media intelligence manager at European football organisation UEFA. He is also a former BBC and Guardian journalist. Adrian is a huge fan like all of us reading this post.  He is a big part of the online Faith No More community and has been instrumental in welcoming our Patton Fanatic website to the community.  When asked about publishing the book he said. “I’m extremely grateful to Jawbone Press for giving me this opportunity to tell the true story of Faith No More. I hope that the book – written with the diligence of a journalist but the passion of a fan – will do justice to this captivating band and give Faith No More the book it deserves.”

What do we know about the book so far?

The first thing that we note when looking at the book is that it’s a colossus of a book.  It begins with the proto-band “Faith No Man”, follows Faith No More through it’s early days, the replacement of Chuck Mosley with Mike Patton, as well as a number of other members including Jim Martin and Trey Spruance, and finishes up in the current day incarnation of Faith No More.  Adrian has the final word count weighing in at 120,000 words which have been edited down from the first draft of 170,000 words. He’s also done his research by interviewing 45 people for the book, which amounted to over 100 individual interviews, and over 110 hours of audio files to transcribe.  Adrian has a big job of whittling down around 500 photos, to the necessary 50-60 images that will ultimately illustrate the book.

Adrian’s also a bit of a nerd for numbers so he’s pleased to announce that the word “Faith” appears 801 times in the draft, “San Francisco” 108 times, “Epic” 80 times, “We Care A Lot” 52 times, “Angel Dust” 50 times, “Love” gets 68 mentions (we wonder how many of these will be related to Courtney Love?) and “hate” only gets ten.

Here’s what Billy Gould has to say about the Book:

When I first heard about this Faith No More biography, I didn’t know what to think. But I have to give credit where it is due, it’s a quality piece. The man has done his research and it shows. It provided me with more than a few revelations… and I’m in the band.

When will it be available?

The book will be released in September 2018 by Jawbone Publishing but can be preordered now.  We strongly encourage everyone to get behind Adrian and the book and pre-order now.

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Anything else?

As an added bonus, here’s the music video for the song that the book’s name is based upon, “A Small Victory” taken from Angel Dust (1992).


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