New Tomahawk Coming? – Duane Denison and John Stanier In The Studio Together

John Stanier posted a photo with Duane Denison in a studio. Is this the new Tomahawk material that Mike Patton spoke about earlier in the year?

Earlier this year whilst talking with fans at the Mona Foma concert Mike Patton mentioned that Duane Denison was writing new Tomahawk material.  Yesterday John Stanier, the drummer for Tomahawk (as well as Battles and Mark of Cain), released the below picture of him and Duane Denison in a studio in Nashville. John is behind a drum-kit and Duane has a guitar in hand.

The post tags #TheJesusLizard, and without directly mentioning Tomahawk teases us with #T******K?

Tomahawk’s last release, Oddfellows, was released way back in 2013.  Leaving us all with a 4-year thirst for more Tomahawk. Let’s hope that something is on the boil and isn’t too far away.

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