Bands Who Became Legendary with a Single Album plus Michael Bolton Name Drops

Tone Deaf have included Mike Patton’s Peeping Tom in a list of bands who became legendary with just a single album.  Plus Michael Bolton listens to his name-drop in songs.

Album art for the self-titled debut album by Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom – Peeping Tom

Bands who became legendary with a single album

Mike Patton never rests, which means there are many projects that have just one album to show for it.  Sometimes we’re left wondering if there’s another album coming, or whether a single album is all we’ll ever hear.  Tone Deaf recently listed bands that have become legendary after only releasing a single album, and included the self-titled Peeping Tom album.

Here’s they had to say:

In 2006 though, he teamed up with artists such as Kool Keith, Norah Jones,and Massive Attack to record a trip-hop album under the name Peeping Tom. Releasing only one sole album under this name, it stands out in Patton’s repertoire by being not only an incredibly experimental album, but easily one of his more palatable albums for a casual listener. Whatever your views are on Mike Patton’s music, there’s no denying he’s a fearless innovator.

Here at Patton Fanatic, we’re hoping that this isn’t the only Peeping Tom release.  After 10 years we’re not sure whether it’ll happen, but then again, there’s been longer waits between albums such as the gap between Faith No More’s Album of the Year and Sol Invictus (almost 18 years) or the wait between Kaada/Patton’s Romances and Bacteria Cult (over 11 years).

You can read the full article here.

Michael Bolton reacts to his name-drop in Peeping Tom’s Celebrity Death Match

Pitchfork sat down with Michael Bolton and played him a number of songs that mention his name. Michael then gives his reaction to the name-drop.  He takes it all in good humour.

Michael Bolton’s name is name-dropped in Celebrity Death Match on Peeping Tom’s self-titled debut album (2006), and featured Kid Koala on Turntables.

You can skip straight to him listening to Celebrity Death Match and his reaction below.

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