Piano Cover of “Sleep [Part II]: Carry Stress in the Jaw / Secret Song”

It’s been under a month since the piano cover, and now we’ve got another to show off.  This time we’re back in Mr. Bungle land with a song from Disco Volante.

As you’re probalby all aware, we’ve got a thing for Hisokana Pianisuto and the amazing piano covers that he puts out. Again he’s outdone himself – this time with another Mr. Bungle Song.

From Disco Volante (1995) he’s covered “Sleep [Part II]: Carry Stress in the Jaw” and additionally the “Secret Song / Spy vs Spy” that you got from putting the needle in the extra groove on the LP.

I don’t have much else to say except, ENJOY.

Watch Hisokana Pianisuto play “Sleep [Part II]: Carry Stress in the Jaw / Secret Song”

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