Piano Cover of “Desert Search for Techno Allah”

It’s a new year and we’re glad to see and hear that Hisokana Pianisuto is back in fine form and releasing more piano covers. This time reaching into Mr. Bungle’s iconic “Desert Search for Techno Allah”.

We grew to love Hisokana Pianisuto last year when he released a number of piano covers of Mike Patton’s songs, including Mr. Bungle’s “Retrovertigo” (which is better than the Avenged Sevenfold cover) and Ars Moriendi as well as Tomahawk’s “Captain Midnight”.

We even interviewed Hisokana Pianisuto to understand how and why he’s making such amazing performances available online!

Without any further messing around here’s a cover of Mr. Bungle’s “Desert Search for Techno Allah” from Disco Volante (1995).

Watch Mr. Bungle’s “Desert Search for Techno Allah”  by Hisokana Pianisuto


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